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Emergency Backup Generators: Why Are They Important?

Emergency backup generators are a vital piece of equipment to have in your home or business. If your power goes out, emergency generators act as a working source of power so your electronics can still function as usual. During an outage or emergency, it’s important to have power not only for comfort and convenience, but for safety reasons as well. 

PGA Inc. installs backup generator systems. Let’s take a deeper look into what they are and why they’re important. 

How Do Backup Generators Work?

A backup generator automatically turns on. Within about 10 seconds of a power outage, the generator will sense there is a power loss, and the power source will switch over to it. The standby generator then supplies power to the circuits. 

This way, even if there is a power outage, storm, or any other extenuating circumstance, your backup generator will still work. When the power returns, the emergency generator will turn off. 

Do I Need a Generator For Emergencies? 

Having a backup generator is crucial to have no matter what; it’s better to be safe than sorry! With a generator, you won’t have to worry about financial losses from the power going out such as losing business or food going bad. You’ll be able to live more comfortably through a power outage, especially since your septic systems will still be able to run. 

You may never end up needing to use it, but chances are, there will come at least one time where it’ll save your home or business. Being prepared is key! 

What Size Generator Do You Need?

Not all homes and businesses require the same size generator; for a bigger space, or where more electricity is used, a larger generator will be needed. It will depend on the amount of wattage of appliances you want to run as well as the size of the space. Our technicians are electricity pros and will be able to assess your space and decide which size is best for you.

How Long Can You Run an Emergency Generator For?

If a generator uses natural gas, which is the most common type, then no fuel tank is necessary, and it will run indefinitely. However, if it runs using fuel such as propane or diesel, then it will only last as long as the fuel lasts.

If a power outage lasts several days or weeks, you will want to conserve as much energy from it as possible. You may need to have fuel tanks dropped off at your home. However, aside from the fuel source, emergency generators will run as long as you need them to.

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