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Furnace Repair in Wausau, WI

Nothing chills the bones quite like a Wisconsin winter — and when you’re nestled in your home with a cup of hot cocoa, the last thing you want is for your heating to fail. That’s where PGA Inc. comes in. Our reliable heating experts are proud to provide high-quality residential furnace repair in Wausau, WI, and the surrounding areas. Our company’s dedication to outstanding customer service — combined with our professional expertise — is sure to guarantee a warm, comfortable home for you and your family, no matter how much winter weather Mother Nature has to throw at us! 

Some heating problems can’t wait. If you’re experiencing a furnace emergency, contact us now to schedule repair services ASAP. Otherwise, feel free to keep reading to learn more about why thousands of Wisconsin homeowners trust our team for their heating and air conditioning needs!

Servicing Heating Systems Throughout Northern WI

If you need furnace repair in Wausau, WI, don’t forget PGA Inc.’s name! Our team of highly skilled HVAC technicians provides a wide variety of heating and air conditioning repair services, including repair services for many different types of furnaces. Whether it’s a natural gas furnace, electric furnace, or another type of furnace, we’ve got you covered. We’ll carefully inspect your HVAC system, determine the issue, and execute the necessary repairs.

Are you wondering if we’re in your neighborhood? Our business provides high-quality furnace repair in Wausau, WI, as well as the following communities in WI:

  • Rib Mountain 
  • Rothschild 
  • Schofield 
  • Weston 
  • Kronenwetter 
  • Mosinee 
  • Ringle
  • Marathon City
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Tailored Services for Your HVAC System

Our furnace technicians understand that each home is different. Your household might use an electric furnace, while your neighbor’s home may rely on a propane-powered unit. To provide top-quality service for all of our heating and air conditioning customers, we have the skills, tools, and training to repair all types of residential furnace systems. No matter what type of furnace you use, we will keep you warm!

Our experience servicing various HVAC units and models allows us to quickly locate your system’s problem and fix it efficiently. We don’t just provide effective furnace repair in Wausau, WI; we also ensure that your system is meeting your energy efficiency goals. This not only helps you save on repair costs but also reduces your monthly energy bills.

Common Furnace Problems You May Encounter

Dirty Air Filters

Electric Ignition or Pilot Control IssuesDelayed ResponseCracked Heat Exchanger

Tell-Tale Signs Your Heating System Needs Repair

To avoid the discomfort of a cold home in the middle of a Wausau winter, don’t forget to stay on the lookout for warning signs that your furnace may need repairs. Watch out for these seven signs that it’s time to call our HVAC experts for furnace services!

  1. Inconsistent Heating: If you notice that some rooms in your home are warm and toasty while others remain uncomfortably cold, your heating system may not be distributing heat evenly. This inconsistency could be due to issues with the ductwork, a blocked heating vent, or the furnace itself.
  2. Unusual Noises: Most of the time, your furnace should operate quietly in the background. If you start hearing loud banging, clanging, rattling, or squealing noises, it’s a clear indication that something is amiss. These noises can be a sign of loose or damaged components that require attention.
  3. Increased Energy Bills: If you suddenly see a significant spike in your energy bills but your heating habits haven’t changed, it’s time to investigate. An inefficient heating system can lead to increased energy consumption, resulting in higher bills. Regular maintenance and timely repair services can help restore energy efficiency.
  4. Frequent Cycling: A furnace that turns on and off frequently is not operating as it should. This frequent cycling can be due to a malfunctioning thermostat, clogged filters, or other issues within the system. It not only reduces comfort but also puts additional strain on your HVAC equipment.
  5. Cold Air: This one is quite obvious — if your furnace is not blowing warm air, it’s not doing its job. There could be various reasons for this problem, such as a faulty pilot light, a malfunctioning ignition system, or a fuel supply issue. Get in touch with PGA Inc., and our friendly heating technicians will spring into action to fix your unit.
  6. Yellow Pilot Light: If you have a gas furnace and notice that the pilot light is yellow instead of a steady blue flame, it could indicate a carbon monoxide issue. Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas, and any suspicion of a leak should be taken seriously. Shut off the system, ventilate the area, and call for professional help immediately.
  7. Old Age: Like all HVAC systems, your furnace has a limited lifespan. If it’s been over 15-20 years since installation, your furnace may be showing signs of wear and tear that can no longer be effectively repaired. In such cases, it’s often more cost-effective for customers to invest in new furnace installation.

Experience Expertise, Comfort, and Outstanding Customer Service Today!

At PGA Inc., we are dedicated to customer satisfaction, fair pricing, and clear communication. Our professional technicians take great care to provide efficient and friendly service for each customer, whether you need a simple maintenance task or a complex furnace repair in Wausau, WI. We offer top-quality products from leading HVAC brands, ensuring you receive the best value for your money. At the end of the day, we believe that no job is truly complete until our customers are comfortable and happy!

There’s no better time than now to ensure your furnace is in top shape. Get in touch with us today to schedule furnace repairs, and experience the comfort and peace of mind that comes with a perfectly functioning heating system. At PGA Inc., your warmth is our business!

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