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During cold winter months, when the temperatures are low or sub-zero, you can thank your furnace for keeping you comfortable and warm inside your home.

Regular maintenance on your furnace is vital for its efficiency and longevity. Having it checked by a professional will ensure that nothing is wrong with any of its moving parts. With so many different pieces of equipment in a heating system, if one part is off, the whole system can fail.

PGA Inc. employs highly qualified HVAC technicians whose goals are to make your residential or commercial space as comfortable as possible at an affordable price. We strive to always give you the supreme customer service you expect and deserve. If your furnace needs any sort of repairs, whether it simply be an annual check or an emergency furnace repair, a talented member of our team will gladly assist you.

Common Furnace Problems

Some issues are more common than others. If you are unfamiliar with what your furnace does or how it works, you may be unaware of what parts commonly break down.

Dirty filters: clean air must travel through the filters, and if they’re dirty, your furnace has to work harder to filter clean air, therefore increasing your energy bills
Issues with electric ignition or pilot control: these can reduce the amount of heat being let into your home
Not turning on automatically: if you turn your heat on your thermostat, your furnace should get the signal to produce heat
Frequently turns on and off: a furnace should cycle on and off to maintain a specific temperature in your home; however if it turns off very frequently without your home heating up, it’s a sign something is wrong
Cracked heat exchanger: if your house is overheated or your air filters aren’t replaced often enough, the heat exchanger can crack

How to Know When Your Furnace Needs to be Repaired

While some furnace issues are more glaring than others, such as if your space simply isn’t heating up at all, it’s important to pay attention to less obvious signs.

  • Color of burner flame: if you have a gas-powered furnace and can see the flame and it’s yellow, it most likely means gas isn’t burning completely and carbon monoxide might not be venting properly
  • Moisture buildup: if you notice excess moisture around walls, ceilings, or windows, it might indicate that there is poor airflow stemming from the furnace or vents
  • High utility bills: if you noticed that your heating bills have skyrocketed, a likely source is your furnace not working efficiently and something within it needing to be fixed, replaced, or cleaned
  • Weird sounds: while most furnaces make some noise, if there are periods of loud, strange noises combined with periods of complete silence, there is most likely something off

Do You Need to Service Your Furnace Every Year?

We suggest that your furnace should be serviced at least once a year. If there is something malfunctioning or broken within the furnace, maintenance and repairs will prevent more costly damages down the line. Repairs will extend the life of your furnace, as replacing it all together as a result of a neglected issue is much more complex than simply getting the issue looked at.

Making sure your furnace is working properly will also ensure that your space feels warm throughout colder months so you don’t have to bundle up with layers or blankets. If your home or business is not properly heated, servicing your furnace from a trusted professional should fix the issue.

Furnaces can also pose a threat to your home if not checked out for safety. Regardless of what type you have, it will use some sort of fuel to produce heat. If something goes wrong in the fuel burning process, there could be high levels of carbon monoxide or even a gas leak. Scheduling repairs for any outstanding issues will prevent any safety hazards from being present.

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