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Heating Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance in Wausau

HVAC Services

With long, cold winters, it’s important to have a professional heating company that you can trust to attend to your residential and commercial heating needs. If you require maintenance services, repair, or replacement of your heating system, PGA Inc. offers the expertise and knowledge you expect.

Our certified technicians are here to meet all of your HVAC / heating needs. We can complete energy efficient furnace replacements in Wausau WI, furnace repairs, solve ventilation problems, repair heat pumps, and complete furnace cleanings as well as seasonal safety inspections. We are your home air comfort specialists in Rib Mtn, Rothschild, Schofield, Weston, Kronenwetter and Mosinee WI.

We also provide home protection services including the installation and repair of CO2 detectors, WiFi connected smart thermostats, which offer flexible programming and residential temperature zone selection. We offer a vast variety of service and installation options based on your needs. We are familiar with all types of heating systems including fan-forced air, heat pumps, in-floor heating, pool heaters, mini-split systems, and more.

Common Heating Issues

We are certified to service and install many different types of heating systems. Regardless of the type of system you have in your home or business, we are trained to detect and solve any problem you may be facing. Some common heating issues that arise during colder months include:

  • Lack of maintenance: people can oftentimes overlook the importance of maintenance. However, this can lead to damage to the heating element, the system failing prematurely, higher energy bills, and inefficient heating.
  • Failure to change filters: furnace filters should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule, and when they are not, it can affect the performance of your HVAC system.
  • Faulty thermostat: a thermostat that’s not working correctly can cause your HVAC system to malfunction.
  • Dirty ductwork: if your ductwork has not been cleaned as far back as you can remember, or your home has poor insulation, there’s a possibility for mold to grow in addition to the buildup of dirt and allergens.

How Proper Maintenance Can Delay Furnace Replacement in Wausau

While often overlooked, scheduling regular maintenance for your heating system is extremely important in keeping you comfortable all year long. Proper maintenance can help keep your HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently – leading to lower energy bills and extending the life of your furnace.

You may also notice improved health from regular duct and furnace cleaning. If your furnace is dirty, this can negatively impact your indoor air quality. For the ultimate clean air home, our exclusive whole home air ionization, I-Wave technology, is the way to go.

In addition to extending the life of your furnace, boiler, or electric heater, scheduling routine maintenance can help you sleep better knowing your home is safer for you and your family. When you schedule your regular maintenance with one of our heating experts, you can rest assured that when our work is completed, there will be no dirty air circulating in your home, no dangerous or toxic emissions coming from your furnace, and that your CO detectors are working properly.

Heating System Repair and Installation

While maintaining your heating system properly can extend its life, sooner or later every furnace or boiler will need to be replaced. One of the main advantages to replacement is that a new system will include many safety features the older systems do not. Additionally, this will give you a chance to choose from many new state-of-the-art heating and cooling options.

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