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When looking for an electrician in the Wausau area, it’s important to find a team who is dedicated to the satisfaction of their clients. At PGA. Inc, we employ qualified, capable team members to solve your commercial electrical problems.

Our licensed master electricians receive continuing education and training on the latest national electrical codes. We provide fast and reliable 24 hour electrical service so that your business’s wiring and electrical components are up to safety and functional standards.

What is Considered Electrical Work

Since the electrical work in your business is often behind-the-scenes, you may be wondering what is considered electrical work. It’s known as any service that involves fixing, altering, maintaining, or installing a sort of wiring system that is connected to electrical energy within or outside of a building. An example of electrical work is installing a lighting system or installing voice and data cable.

Why Electrical Work is Important

Electrical maintenance, repairs, and installation are vital for every business to run smoothly. It’s the backbone of everything within your building being able to work. Almost every technological device your business uses is rooted in electricity- the phones, computers, televisions, heating, cooling, and more. If something about the system is off or not working, your entire business’s operations are at risk.

Regular system inspections and maintenance can improve the efficiency of your electrical systems and prevent future issues from arising. This also ensures the safety of all occupants, as maintenance checks can catch any potential issues and prevent hazardous situations from arising due to faulty wires or failing parts.

If you try to fix an electrical issue without proper training, you might put yourself at risk of electrocution, which is why this type of work should always be left up to the professionals. Whether it be an emergency issue like a power outage or a question about the advantages of switching to energy-efficient technology, our electricians are trained and ready to tend to all your electrical needs.

Services We Provide

At PGA Inc, we provide services for all of your electrical needs of your commercial space. They include design and build, construction, remodeling, surge suppression, service upgrades, trenching, installing backup generators, and electrical panel replacement in Wausau.
We specialize in circuit troubleshooting, switch and outlet repair, replacements and additions, breaker panel inspection and repair, light fixture repair and replacement, ceiling fan replacement and installation, and USB and data line addition, replacement,and installation.

Other projects and services include:

  • Panels, service upgrades, fuses and breakers
  • Power and entrance distribution
  • Electrical code compliance/code violation protection
  • Electrical replacements/upgrades – switches, wiring, receptacles
  • Fans, thermostats, disconnects, lighting design, fans, low voltage
  • Dedicated circuits, junction boxes, home runs
  • Bathroom upgrades/remodel, ventilation, kitchen upgrades/remodel
  • Fire/carbon monoxide/smoke protection
  • Surge protection, Grounding (GFCI/AFCI)

Do Your Part by Being a Green Business

With environmental preservation and climate control efforts being front and center, it’s important to take steps to be more environmentally conscious to not only contribute to the cause, but to show other employees, clients, and businesses that you care. To take part in the effort, having energy-saving technology installed is a great place to start.

The electrical team at PGA Inc. is experienced and knowledgeable in energy-saving technology and can get you going in the right direction. We have experience in electrical services such as LED bulbs, occupancy sensors, dimming controls, automated lighting systems, energy-efficient lighting designs, and more. Revolutionize your office to be both environmentally friendly and technologically modern.

What are the benefits of energy efficient techniques? Being beneficial for the environment by lowering greenhouse gasses and other pollutants is one obvious benefit. However, it also lowers your energy bills, decreases your carbon footprint, increases your business’s property value, and enhances its cleanliness and the overall quality of life of you and all employees. Hiring knowledgeable electricians who are experts in advanced, energy-saving technology will benefit you in many ways – now and into the future.

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Don’t ignore your business’s electrical problems or attempt to fix them yourself. When searching for an electric repair company you can trust, choose the professionals at PGA Inc. We offer free estimates as well as 24/7 emergency services, and would be glad to assist you at any time. To speak with a qualified WI electrician from our team to maintain your company’s electric needs, you can reach us at (715) 355-6717.

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