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Whole House Generators in Wausau, WI

Losing power in your home can be scary, frustrating, and even dangerous. That’s why it can be worthwhile to invest in a backup generator. Professionally installed standby generators are designed to ensure your property is never without power.

PGA Inc. provides services for whole-house generators in Wausau, WI, and the surrounding communities. As experienced professionals, our generator contractors are committed to giving our customers the highest quality services at fair prices.

A backup generator can give you and your family peace of mind in an emergency. If you have your own septic and well system, they will not work without electricity — these powerful devices will allow you to still have access to power. Contact us right away to learn more about our home generator installations, repairs, and maintenance services! Our service areas include:

  • Rib Mountain 
  • Rothschild 
  • Schofield 
  • Weston 
  • Kronenwetter 
  • Mosinee 
  • Ringle
  • Marathon City

Home Generator Repair & Installation Experts

Our knowledgeable generator electricians offer repairs for all generator makes and models. We’re experienced in troubleshooting issues ranging from minor inconveniences to major repairs. No matter your needs, rest assured knowing our team of experts has seen and fixed many types of whole house generators in Wausau, WI.

Need an electrical generator installation? We can help with that, too! Our contractors have what it takes to install generators of all sizes. The sooner you call us for a generator house hookup, the sooner you can safeguard your home against an unforeseen power outage.

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The Importance of Professional Generator Installation

Choosing the right generator installation company is as critical as selecting the generator itself. Professional installation by experienced whole-house generator installers like PGA Inc. guarantees that your system operates safely and efficiently. Our team ensures that every aspect of the installation process, from site preparation to final testing, meets the highest standards of safety and performance.

Reliable Generator Maintenance Services

While generators are designed to work wonders during power outages, they must be maintained in order to work properly and efficiently. During a backup generator maintenance service, you can expect our technicians to perform a wide range of tasks. These maintenance tasks include:

  • Oil Changes: Having the oil changed in your generator is vital to keep the unit running.
  • Air Filter Replacements: If whole-house generators in Wausau, WI, have dirty air filters, this can prevent the system from working efficiently. That’s why replacing the filter on a regular basis is necessary.
  • Battery Replacements: It’s vital to make sure the batteries in your generator are functioning at all times and don’t show any signs of corrosion. In most cases, the batteries should be replaced about every two to three years.

Educating Homeowners on Generator Care

Education is a key component of our service at PGA Inc. We believe in empowering our customers with knowledge about their home generators. This includes understanding how to operate the generator safely, recognizing signs of potential issues, and knowing when to call in the experts for periodic maintenance or repairs. Our team is always ready to provide advice, tips, and best practices for generator care, ensuring you can confidently manage your home’s backup power source.

Which Generator Is the Best for Your Home?

If the time has come to install a generator, you have a few different options to consider. Portable generators are typically less expensive than standby models and are much more convenient to move around. However, these generators use up a lot of fuel and can’t typically be used indoors. They are also only able to generate power for a few appliances at a time.

Conversely, standby generators are more expensive to buy, but they have the ability to power all your appliances. There are many benefits to installing one of our whole house generators in Wausau, WI. For example, these generators last much longer than portable models and can even turn on automatically in the event of a power outage.

Depending on your budget as well as what you’ll be using the generator for, our home generator electricians will help you pick and then install the right one for your needs. Our home generator installations are always personally tailored to meet the expectations of our customers.

What Size Backup Generator Do You Need?

Your generator’s size will depend on the size of your home and your household’s electricity needs. Typically, to pick the right size, you should multiply the running wattage of each device you need to be powered by three to get the starting wattage. Then, add the starting wattage and the running baggage to calculate the total wattage. However, this formula is just an estimation, and if you’re not familiar with your appliances’ needs and wattages, it can be tricky to figure out on your own.

The generator electricians at PGA Inc. are experienced in selecting the right generator for your needs and

How Long Will a Standby Generator Last?

Standby generators are incredibly useful and reliable sources of energy, providing power to your home when it loses electricity. However, these systems can’t last forever. A high-quality generator should typically last between 20 to 40 years with regular maintenance. If you want to get the most out of your investment, it’s crucial to schedule professional maintenance with a home generator electrician to prevent any potential issues like rust or corrosion.

Another factor that can affect the lifespan of a standby generator is weather conditions. If your generator is exposed to extreme temperatures and weather like rain, snow, and wind, it may wear out at a faster rate.

How to Tell You Need a New Generator

Recognizing the signs that your current generator is nearing the end of its life is crucial to maintaining uninterrupted power. First, frequent repairs and inconsistent performance are clear indicators that your generator may not be up to the task anymore. If you find yourself calling for standby generator repair more often than you’d like, it might be time for an upgrade.

Second, consider your generator’s age and efficiency. Older models not only struggle to keep up with the energy demands of modern homes but also consume more fuel, driving up your energy costs. Upgrading to a newer, more efficient model can save you money in the long run and ensure your home stays powered through anything.

Trusted Generator Replacement Services

When it comes to keeping your home operational during a power outage, the continuity of comfort and security is paramount. PGA Inc. specializes in professional generator replacement services, ensuring that your entire home remains powered, one room at a time. Our expertise in whole-home generator installation and replacement services means that whether you’re updating an outdated unit or installing a new system, your home is in professional hands.

Generator replacement is more than just swapping out old equipment for new; it’s about enhancing your home’s energy efficiency and reliability. Our team of experts assesses your current setup and provides recommendations tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your new system. With PGA Inc., upgrading your backup power solution is seamless and stress-free.

What Are the Signs That a Standby Generator Needs Repair?

Like any other piece of machinery, standby generators may need repairs from time to time. It may be time for a repair if you encounter:

  • Strange Sounds and Smells: If your generator is making strange noises or producing unpleasant odors, this is a clear indication that something is wrong.
  • Frequent Shutdowns: If your generator starts up like normal but shuts down shortly after, this can suggest that something is wrong with the unit. The generator could have faulty wiring, fuel problems, or another issue. The only way to get to the bottom of the problem is to bring in an expert for a generator repair.
  • Increased Fuel Consumption: If your generator consumes more fuel than usual, this could be due to an issue with the engine or fuel delivery system.

Why Choose PGA Inc. for Your Generator Needs?

PGA Inc. stands out as a leader in whole-house generator installation services in Wausau, WI, for several reasons. Our dedication to customer service, commitment to safety, and proficiency in the latest technology make us the go-to choice for homeowners. We pride ourselves on delivering not just a service but a comprehensive solution that enhances your home’s resilience to power outages.

Safety First Approach

Safety is paramount when it comes to installing and operating home generators. PGA Inc. prioritizes your safety by adhering to strict installation guidelines and regulations. Our technicians are trained to ensure that every installation or repair job is done with the utmost attention to safety, from proper ventilation to ensuring the generator is placed at a safe distance from your home.

We take the time to educate our customers on safety practices, ensuring that you and your family are protected from potential hazards associated with improper generator use. With our high level of expertise and care, why choose anyone else for your generator services?

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If you want to make your home as comfortable as possible, it’s best to put safety measures in place to deal with emergencies. Fortunately, you can ensure your home is protected with help from our generator contractors. With our whole-house generators in Wausau, IL, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that no matter what happens during a power outage, storm, or extreme weather event, they will still have power when they need it most.

Along with generator repairs, replacements, and maintenance services, our electricians also specialize in:

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