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What is Considered an Electrical Panel?

Electrical Panel Replacement Service

Your home’s electrical panel is what controls the electricity and ensures it’s being safely used. Electrical panels are boxes that have circuit breakers, which are needed in case an electrical current is dangerously high and needs to be stopped. Without a properly working electrical panel, power won’t be distributed to the right places in your home, leading to potentially dangerous issues

Why Do You Need a Properly Working Electrical Panel in Your Home?

The need for a working electrical panel for your home is essential. Some reasons include:

  • Outlet control: electrical panels allow you to use electrical switches, which let you control power in your home
  • Distribution of electrical power: if your electrical panel isn’t working properly, it could cause power overloads and surges in addition to circuit breakers tripping more often
  • Circuit breakers: if your electrical panel isn’t working correctly, your circuit breakers may not trip when they should, leading to electrical damage
  • Home renovations: if you’ve renovated or upgraded your home and have bigger, fancier appliances or new rooms with more electrical outlets, your previous electrical panel might not be able to handle it, and you may need a new one so that it performs all its necessary functions
  • Safety: without electrical panels, your home is at risk of an electrical fire; in fact, overwhelmed or old electrical panels are the main cause of electrical fires

When Should I Replace my Electrical Panel?

You know that electrical panels are important for your home. But how do you know when you need a repair, replacement, or installation of a different one? Some signs you need professional electrician intervention include:

  • Age: electrical panels typically last for around 25-40 years. If you know yours is at least 25 years old, it would be a good idea to get it checked out by a professional to ensure it doesn’t need replacing
  • Burning smell: your electrical panel should never have a burning smell around it, and if it does, it could be a sign of a serious problem that can lead to an electrical house fire
  • Breakers tripping often: circuit breakers are supposed to trip circuits that are generating too much power. But if it’s breaking circuits extremely often, it’s a sign the current electrical panel is insufficient for your home’s needs
  • Panels that are warm to the touch: your electrical panel should be able to regulate the temperature of the electrical system. If it’s warm or hot to the touch, it most likely means your panel isn’t functioning properly
  • Flickering lights: your lights shouldn’t flicker every time you plug in a new appliance or device. If they do, it most likely means your electrical panel needs to be replaced with one that can handle more power
  • Odd noises: electrical panels should be pretty much silent when they run. However, if you hear some sort of hissing or buzzing sound, it’s a sign there is a bad wire or electrical connection issue, and should be checked out before the damage worsens

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