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What Causes Flickering Lights in a Home?

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Imagine settling into your living room for a movie night, only to have the ambiance interrupted by flickering lights. It can be not just unsettling but also a sign of underlying electrical issues. So, why do lights flicker in homes, and when should you be concerned? Let’s delve deeper into what causes flickering lights and the steps to rectify them.

Loose or Outdated Light Bulbs

The simplest reason for flickering lights could be a light bulb that’s not screwed in properly. An LED bulb not meant for the light fixture or a bulb nearing the end of its life might also flicker. Always ensure the bulb is properly secured, and if it’s an LED light, make sure it’s compatible with the fixture.

Issues with Dimmer Switches

Dimmer switches control the electrical voltage supplied to light fixtures. If not compatible, they can cause LED lights to flicker. For instance, older dimmer switches might not be compatible with newer LED lights, causing intermittent flickering. It’s a good idea to upgrade to a newer dimmer switch that’s designed specifically for LEDs.

Overloaded Circuits

If you notice multiple lights flickering when a large appliance like a refrigerator or air conditioner starts, it might be due to an overloaded circuit. These appliances draw more power, causing a brief drop in the electrical voltage. If this is a frequent occurrence, it might be time to review the home’s electrical system.

Loose or Damaged Wiring

A common cause for flickering lights is a loose connection in the electrical wiring. This not only causes flickering but can also lead to potential electrical fires. If you suspect this to be the cause, don’t hesitate — it’s imperative to get it inspected immediately.

Faulty Light Fixtures

Light fixtures themselves can sometimes be the culprits. If only one light is flickering and changing the bulb doesn’t help, the fixture might be the issue. Again, seeking the advice of a professional electrician is crucial.

Issues With the Electrical Panel

A faulty circuit breaker or issues with the electrical panel can also be what causes flickering lights. But why do lights flicker when there’s an issue with the electrical panel, exactly?

At its core, a light bulb flickers when there’s a disruption in the flow of electricity that powers it. This can happen for various reasons, but when the cause is rooted in the electrical panel or circuit breaker, the issue typically revolves around the inability to maintain a consistent supply of electricity to the light fixture. Regular maintenance and periodic checks of the electrical panel can help diagnose such issues early on.

Loose Service Conductors

Loose service conductors can cause not just flickering lights but also lead to major electrical problems and fires. These conductors are the primary lines that deliver electrical power from the utility company’s distribution network to a residential or commercial building. When they become loose or damaged, the risks and complications they introduce can be profound. This is a severe issue and should be addressed immediately.

Inconsistent Voltage Supply

Ideally, the standard voltage supply to homes should be around 125 volts. However, if there’s a significant drop or surge in the electrical voltage, this can be what causes flickering lights. Monitoring the voltage levels can help identify and rectify such issues.

When to Call a Professional

Flickering lights might seem trivial, but they can be indicative of a broader electrical problem. While some causes are simple fixes, others demand immediate attention to prevent potential hazards.

If you’ve tried basic troubleshooting and the flickering persists, it’s a good idea to call in a professional. Especially when dealing with potential wiring issues or loose service conductors, the risk is too significant to ignore. Professionals can not only diagnose the cause swiftly but also recommend solutions that ensure your home’s safety and functionality.

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So, why do lights flicker? Remember, the next time you ponder over this question, it might be more than just a bulb change. Being informed and proactive can save not just your peace of mind but also potential future expenses and safety risks.

Now that you know what causes flickering lights, don’t wait to take action. If you’re in need of a reliable electrician in Wausau, WI, PGA Inc. offers top-notch services. Our team is well-equipped to handle any electrical issue and provide solutions tailored to your needs.

Don’t let flickering lights disrupt your peace of mind or the safety of your home. Schedule an appointment with our experts at PGA Inc. and ensure a bright and secure living environment. If you’re ever in doubt or have concerns about your home’s electrical status, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact us today to get started with your professional electrical services!

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