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Expert Water Heater Installation in Wausau, WI

PGA Inc. brings expert water heater installation services to Wausau, WI, so you never have to worry about a cold shower again. With our skilled professionals, state-of-the-art equipment, and a commitment to providing high-quality service, we make the process of getting a new water heater installed a seamless and stress-free experience. Whether your old unit has given up the ghost or you’re looking to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model, our team is ready to help. We handle everything from selecting the right water heater for your needs to installing it according to local building codes and manufacturer’s instructions.

Choosing PGA Inc. for your water heater replacement means opting for peace of mind and reliability. We understand that having consistent access to hot water is not just a luxury but a necessity for daily living — from bathing to cooking and cleaning. That’s why we offer flexible payment options and cutting-edge technology to meet your hot water heater needs efficiently and affordably. Our heater installation experts work diligently to install your new unit, providing you and your family with hot water whenever you need it.

Is It Time to Get a New Water Heater Installed?

Knowing when it’s time for a new water heater can be crucial in avoiding the inconvenience of unexpected hot water loss and potential water damage from an old, failing unit. It might be time to consider a replacement if your water heater…

  • Is over a decade old
  • Experiences frequent breakdowns
  • No longer provides sufficient hot water for your family’s needs
  • Has corrosion on the tank or fittings
  • Leaks around the base of the unit
  • Water that is scalding hot or too cool despite adjusting the temperature settings

At PGA Inc., we help homeowners in Wausau, WI, assess their current water heater’s performance and decide whether repairing or replacing is the best course of action. Our team will inspect your heater, check connections, and evaluate your hot water needs to provide a recommendation that suits your lifestyle and budget. If a new water heater is in order, we’ll guide you through the selection process, and choose a unit that’s efficient, cost-effective, and capable of meeting your family’s hot water demands.

We Install All Water Heater Models in Wausau, WI

Selecting the right water heater for your home involves understanding the different types of units available and their benefits. Let’s dive into the options you can choose from when working with PGA Inc.:

Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters are a popular choice for many homeowners in Wausau, WI, due to their simplicity and inexpensive upfront cost. These heaters operate by using electricity to heat the water, which is then stored in a tank until needed. Electric water heaters are known for their easy installation process since they don’t require gas piping. However, they typically have higher operational costs due to the price of electricity. With advancements in technology, many newer models are designed to be more energy-efficient, helping homeowners save money on their electrical bills.

Gas Water Heater

Gas water heaters use natural gas or propane to heat the water, making them more cost-effective to operate than their electric counterparts. These heaters tend to heat water more quickly and are ideal for homes with higher hot water demands. Installation of a gas water heater requires access to a gas line and proper ventilation for gas exhaust, making the installation process slightly more complex. However, the long-term savings on energy costs and the heater’s ability to provide hot water even during a power outage make it an attractive option for many.

Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand water heaters, provide hot water only as it is needed, eliminating the need for a storage tank and reducing energy consumption. These units are highly efficient, as they don’t waste energy heating a tank of water that isn’t being used. Tankless water heaters require less space than traditional tank models and offer a continuous supply of hot water, making them perfect for families with high water usage. Though the initial installation cost may be higher, tankless water heaters can lead to significant energy savings over time, making them a cost-effective choice in the long run. Additionally, these units tend to have a longer lifespan compared to traditional tank models, offering Wausau homeowners a reliable source of hot water for many years.

Choosing a tankless water heater also means less time waiting for hot water to reach your faucet since it heats water directly as it passes through the unit. This efficiency ensures that you have access to endless hot water whenever you need it, whether for showering, cooking, or cleaning. PGA Inc. specializes in the installation of tankless water heaters, providing expert advice to ensure your home in Wausau, WI, benefits from the latest water heating technology. Our trained plumbers will assess your home’s hot water needs and install a tankless unit that fits your lifestyle and usage patterns, offering a modern, space-saving solution to your water heating needs.

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Understanding Your Water Heating Needs

When considering a new water heater for your home in Wausau, WI, it’s essential to understand your water heating needs to select the most appropriate unit. Water usage, the size of your home, the number of residents, and your hot water consumption patterns all play significant roles in determining the type and size of the water heater that will best meet your needs. An oversized or undersized water heater can lead to inefficient operation, higher energy costs, or insufficient hot water supply —— so it’s crucial to accurately assess your hot water requirements before making a decision.

PGA Inc. is here to help you navigate these considerations by offering practical advice and suggestions based on our years of experience with water heater installation and maintenance. We take into account factors such as peak water usage times, the number of bathrooms in your home, and any special water heating needs you may have, such as for a jetted tub or a high-demand shower system. By understanding your specific water heating needs, we can recommend a water heater that provides efficient, reliable hot water delivery tailored to your family’s lifestyle, so you never have to compromise on comfort or convenience.

We’ll Help You Choose the Right Water Heater in Wausau, WI

Selecting the right water heater can be a daunting task, given the variety of options available. At PGA Inc., we simplify this process for homeowners in Wausau, WI, by providing expert guidance and support throughout the selection process. Our team of professional plumbers will work with you to compare the benefits of electric, gas, and tankless water heaters by considering factors such as energy efficiency, installation costs, and your household’s hot water demands. We’re dedicated to ensuring you make an informed decision that aligns with both your hot water needs and your budget.

In addition to helping you select the best water heater for your home, PGA Inc. also takes care of all necessary permits and inspections, installing your new water heater according to local building codes and manufacturer’s instructions. Our commitment to technical excellence and safety means that we prioritize correct installation practices, from securing the gas line or electric connections for gas and electric water heaters respectively to ensuring proper ventilation and discharge pipe alignment. Choose PGA Inc. for your water heater installation in Wausau, WI, and experience peace of mind knowing your new unit is installed safely and efficiently.

Ask About an Energy-Efficient Unit

In today’s world, energy efficiency is more important than ever, and selecting an energy-efficient water heater is a smart way to save money on your utility bills while reducing your environmental footprint. At PGA Inc., we offer a wide range of energy-efficient water heaters in Wausau, WI, including high-efficiency gas water heaters, electric models, and tankless units that provide hot water on demand without the energy losses associated with traditional tank storage heaters. These energy-efficient units not only help lower your monthly energy costs but also offer improved performance and reliability, providing you access to hot water whenever you need it without the wait or worry of running out. By choosing an energy-efficient water heater, you’re not only making a cost-effective decision for your household but also contributing to a healthier environment by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

PGA Inc. is committed to helping you understand the benefits and savings associated with energy-efficient units. Our team will explain the different energy ratings and how they can impact your energy bills, as well as the potential for rebates and tax incentives available for energy-efficient water heater installations in Wausau, WI. Investing in an energy-efficient water heater is a smart move that pays off in the long run by providing you with reliable hot water, reduced energy costs, and the satisfaction of making an environmentally responsible choice for your home.

Financing Covers Your Water Heater Installation Costs in Wausau, WI

The upfront cost of a new water heater and its installation can be significant, which is why PGA Inc. has partnered with Wells Fargo Financing to offer flexible financing options to our clients in Wausau, WI. This partnership allows you to enjoy the benefits of a new water heater without the burden of immediate payment in full. With the Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card, you gain access to a variety of financing benefits, including:

  • Special offers
  • A revolving line of credit for future purchases
  • Quick credit decisions
  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Easy online payment options

Our financing program is designed to make water heater installation more accessible and affordable for all our clients. By choosing to finance through Wells Fargo, you can install your new water heater now and pay over time, making it easier to manage your household budget while still benefiting from hot water on demand. Applying for and getting approved for the credit card is a straightforward process, so you can quickly move forward with your water heater replacement or installation project in Wausau, WI, with financial flexibility and peace of mind.

What to Expect During the Water Heater Replacement Process

When it’s time for a water heater replacement in Wausau, WI, you can expect a smooth and efficient process with PGA Inc. Our experienced plumbers will first conduct a thorough inspection of your current unit, assessing whether a water heater repair service might suffice or if a replacement is necessary. Once we confirm the need for a new water heater, we’ll help you select the right model based on your hot water needs, energy efficiency preferences, and budget. Our team will then schedule a convenient time for the installation, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

The replacement process typically involves disconnecting the old unit, preparing the installation site, installing the new water heater, and making the necessary plumbing and gas or electric connections. PGA Inc. adheres to all local building codes and manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your new water heater is installed correctly and safely. Throughout the process, our team will keep you informed, answering any questions you may have and explaining how to operate and maintain your new unit. Our goal is to leave you completely satisfied with your water heater replacement, providing you with reliable hot water and enhancing your home’s comfort and value.

Keep Your New Water Heater in Good Shape With Maintenance in Wausau, WI

To ensure your new water heater continues to operate efficiently and reliably, regular maintenance is essential. PGA Inc. offers comprehensive water heater maintenance services in Wausau, WI, designed to extend the life of your unit, prevent breakdowns, and save money on potential repairs. Maintenance tasks may include:

  • Flushing the tank to remove sediment buildup
  • Checking the anode rod for corrosion
  • Testing the temperature and pressure relief valve
  • Inspecting the gas line or electric connections for safety

Scheduling regular maintenance visits with PGA Inc. not only helps keep your water heater in top condition but also gives you peace of mind knowing that your unit is being cared for by professional plumbers. We’ll provide you with practical tips for maintaining your water heater between service visits and alert you to any potential issues before they become costly repairs. 

By investing in regular maintenance, you’re ensuring that your water heater provides consistent hot water for bathing, cleaning, and all other household needs efficiently over the years. Proper maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your water heater but also enhances its performance so that you and your family can enjoy hot water whenever needed without facing unexpected breakdowns or inefficiency. Trust PGA Inc. to keep your new water heater in Wausau, WI, running smoothly, safeguarding your home’s comfort and your investment in a reliable hot water supply.

Turn to PGA Inc. for Expert Water Heater Installation in Wausau, WI

When it’s time to install a new water heater in Wausau, WI, turning to the experts at PGA Inc. guarantees you receive the 5-star service our clients have come to expect. Our dedication to technical excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction drives us to provide the best water heater installation and maintenance services in the region. With our team, you can expect a smooth installation process, from selecting the right water heater that meets your needs and budget to the final installation and testing to ensure everything is working properly.

Choosing PGA Inc. means partnering with a company that values your comfort and safety above all. We go beyond simply installing a new water heater; we ensure your entire plumbing system is optimized for efficiency and reliability, providing practical advice and suggestions to enhance your home’s water heating capabilities. Whether you need a traditional, tankless, or high-efficiency water heater, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Ready to enjoy consistent hot water in your Wausau, WI, home? Contact PGA Inc. today to schedule your expert water heater installation.

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