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PGA Inc. has certified technicians to take care of your Furnace installation near Rothschild WI.

Excavation and Septic

Call PGA Inc. for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Excavation needs. We provide great and reliable service from small jobs to large scale contract projects. With our GPS guided equipment, we can offer improved accuracy and efficiency.

Excavation Services

GPS Controlled Site Equipment

Complete Property Development

  • Coordinated home or building site location and elevations for proper drainage and cost.
  • Effective, efficient design
  • Soil Testing, Septic System Design & Installation
  • Road Building, Land Clearing, Soil Stripping, Building Excavation
  • Replacement of soils around foundation and compaction
  • Finish grading and placement of topsoil
  • Road base and soil erosion controls
Project based trucking

Snow Plowing

Road Gravel, Recycled Asphalt, Top Soil, Fill, Sand, Screened Sand

Equipment Transport

Pond Digging

Major Equipment Available for Your Project

  • 3 Quad Axle Dump Trucks
  • 5 yd. Dump Trucks
  • 3 25Ton Off-Road Dump Trucks 6x6
  • 9- Excavators
  • 2-GPS Guided CAT Dozers
  • CAT 650 Dozer
  • 5-Rubber Tire loaders
  • Snow Pusher
  • Rock Hammer
  • 2- Excavating Screeners
  • Hydraulic Jaw
  • Compaction Equipment
  • Root Rakes
  • Snow Plow

Construction Materials

PGA Inc. has everything from base course and recycled asphalt to topsoil and boulders. Please click below to find out more:

Construction Materials

Excavation Projects

24 Hour Emergency Service Call Us Today • (715) 355-6717 • or • Fill Out Our Online Form
24 Hour Emergency Service Call Us Today • (715) 355-6717 • or • Fill Out Our Online Form
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Address:    7306 Zinser St.
Weston, WI 54476
Phone:   (715) 355-6717
Find out ways to save energy and money with PGA Inc. Plumbing repair service in Rothschild WI
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