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PGA Inc. has certified technicians to take care of your Furnace installation near Rothschild WI.


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Call PGA Inc. today to get a certified electrician, that has continuing education and training on the latest national electrical code, to your door today. PGA Inc. provides super fast and reliable 24 hour electrical service.

Our Services

  • Design/build
  • Free estimates
  • New construction
  • Remodeling
  • 24/7 Electrical repairs and service
  • Surge suppression
  • Service upgrades
  • Trenching
  • Backup generators
Integrated Systems

  • CEDIA member
  • Whole-home audio
  • Audio distribution
  • High-definition video distribution
  • Home theater
  • Audio distribution
  • Commercial projection systems
  • Intercom
  • Data
  • Automation
  • Telephone/voice
  • Surveillance systems
Energy Saving Technology

  • Compact fluorescent
  • Cold cathode
  • LED
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Dimming controls
  • Automated lighting systems
  • Focus on Energy lighting designs
Electrical Services

  • Panels, sub-panels, service upgrades, breakers, fuses
  • Entrance and power distribution
  • Electrical code compliance/code violation protection
  • Electrical upgrades/replacements - switches, receptacles, wiring
  • Lighting, lighting design, fans, low voltage, thermostats, disconnects
  • Dedicated circuits, home runs, junction boxes
  • Bathroom upgrades/remodel, kitchen upgrades/remodel, ventilation
  • Fire/smoke/carbon monoxide protection
  • Grounding (GFCI/AFCI), surge protection
  • Whole home-surge protection
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24 Hour Emergency Service Call Us Today • (715) 355-6717 • or • Fill Out Our Online Form
24 Hour Emergency Service Call Us Today • (715) 355-6717 • or • Fill Out Our Online Form
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Address:    7306 Zinser St.
Weston, WI 54476
Phone:   (715) 355-6717
Find out ways to save energy and money with PGA Inc. Plumbing repair service in Rothschild WI
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